[Re]thinking energy.

Who are we at Átomo Capital Partners?

Átomo Capital Partners is a major player in the renewable energy and sustainability sector in Portugal. We have a team of experts committed to always being one step ahead in technical knowledge, seeking the best solutions, foreseeing our clients future needs and actively contributing to the development of the renewable energy sector in Portugal.

Our mission is change and our path is clear. It is disruption, it is assuming our role as an agent of change in this global state of emergency, aligning purpose and benefit towards sustainable growth.

Our mission is to rethink energy and sustainability.

What do we do
at Átomo Capital Partners?

At Átomo Capital Partners we provide our clients with the best solutions in different segments. In Utility Scale, in which we develop projects for large investors or energy producers, in self-consumption solutions and “turnkey” energy communities at no cost to the customer (for corporate customers) or in solutions for charging electric vehicles. We also develop integrated solutions for the real estate sector, through which we value our customers’ real estate assets, boost the growth of their businesses and present the best solutions so that they can optimize resources and reduce costs with energy solutions.

How far do we want to go
at Átomo Capital Partners?

At Átomo Capital Partners we want to contribute to a greener world, through the decarbonization of the economy. The future will, undoubtedly, be driven by clean, reliable and competitive renewable energy solutions. We believe in a better world and we are active players in the shifting paradigm scenario of the renewable energy sector, with a particular focus on sustainability and the huge challenges associated with it.