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global energy supply solutions.

Energy as a Service

At Átomo Capital Partners we develop Energy as a Service projects that allow us to increase the competitiveness of our clients, by resulting in significant energy savings through the implementation of integrated solutions for energy efficiency and production of renewable energy for self-consumption. autoconsumo.

In this business model, no investment is made by the client, and the initial costs with equipment and installation are entirely assumed by Átomo Capital Partners, who also ensures the preventive and corrective maintenance of the systems throughout the duration of the contracts.

Focused on energy and financial optimization in all our projects, at Átomo Capital Partners we always seek to develop solutions tailored to the needs of each client, contributing to a significant decrease in energy consumption from the grid and a consequent reduction in operating costs.

How does
self-comsuption works?

Self-consumption projects consist in the installation of a production unit for self-consumption (UPAC). Through the installation of an energy production plant, obtained from renewable resources, electricity is produced and consumed instantaneously at the place of consumption. At Átomo Capital Partners, we have the experience and know-how necessary to develop all types of projects, supporting the definition of the best implementation strategies, not only for individual self-consumption but also for collective self-consumption (ACC) and renewable energy communities (REC).

In this way, by boosting the consumption of renewable energy, it is possible to achieve a significant decrease in the consumption of electricity from the grid. Thus, once installed, the UPAC allows a substantial reduction in operating costs, while offering long-term stability in relation to energy costs.

Why invest
in a UPAC?

Self-consumption is a financially and ecologically advantageous solution.

Self-consumption is a financially and ecologically advantageous solution.
Replacing a considerable part of the electricity consumption, usually purchased from the grid, through the installation of a self-consumption solution, results not only in an immediate reduction of the energy bill, but also in less exposure to the market and to the volatility of energy prices. In addition, by taking advantage of renewable energy, self-consumption solutions also allow a reduction in the carbon footprint.

With a very low payback, the financial return of self-consumption solutions is very interesting, also influencing the market value of real estate assets and their performance in terms of sustainability.

Optimising the self-consumption solution

The time when solar panels produce the most energy coincides with the tariff periods when companies buy the most expensive electricity from the grid. After analysing the current consumption profile of each company, Atomo Capital Partners estimates

the potential for energy production, with the aim of finding the most profitable solution for its customers that allows the greatest reduction in operating costs.

Monthly distribution throughout the year

In the self-consumption projects we carry out for companies, we always analyze the distribution of consumption and energy production potential throughout the year.

The energy produced from the UPAC is intended for self-consumption, however, it is possible to sell the instant surplus to the public utility grid, providing excellent profitability for the entities that own this type of installation.

It is precisely at the crossing of energy consumption information with the production estimate that the savings resulting from the installation of the self-consumption production unit are reflected.

The closer these results are, the more benefits can be derived from installing a self-consumption solution, and the greater the reduction in operating costs in terms of energy.

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