Átomo Capital Partners has signed up to the BCSD Portugal Charter of Principles

Átomo Capital Partners has subscribed to the BCSD Portugal Charter of Principles, a document that establishes the principles that constitute the guidelines for good business management. The Charter of Principles aims to create a voluntary benchmark adapted to companies of various sizes, in order to encourage the reinforcement of sustainable management practices based on six principles: Legal Compliance & Ethical Conduct; Human Rights; Labour Rights; Prevention, Health and Safety; Environment; and Management.

By subscribing to the Charter of Principles, Átomo Capital Partners recognises that the sustainable management of companies is a factor of competitiveness. At the same time, Átomo invites its suppliers to sign up to the Charter of Principles, thereby promoting the principles of sustainable management throughout its value chain. The company implements the Charter of Principles through Jornada 2030 – the common agenda of companies for sustainability in Portugal.

According to Miguel Subtil, Managing Director of Átomo, “Signing up to the BCDS Portugal Charter of Principles is a natural step for an organisation like Átomo. Our mission is to be disruptive and innovative in the context of an energy transition that is intended to be fast, effective and fair, advocating that profit combined with purpose leads to perhaps surprising positive results. We want to change the world, but we also have to incorporate this change internally towards a sustainable future.”

The BCSD Portugal Charter of Principles, which has already been signed by more than 170 companies, is inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work of the International Labour Organization and the United Nations Global Compact.
It also encourages the reporting of non-financial information by companies that are not yet directly covered by Decree-Law no. 89/2017 of 28 July regarding the mandatory annual disclosure of non-financial information and information on diversity by certain large companies.


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About BCSD Portugal – Business Council for Sustainable Development

BCSD Portugal – Business Council for Sustainable Development brings together and represents companies that are actively committed to sustainability and is one of the national driving forces behind the transition to a low-carbon economy that values ecosystems and generates well-being in society. Through the development of inter-company projects that stimulate sustainable development, BCSD Portugal is an influential and inspiring player in new, competitive, innovative, responsible, sustainable and inclusive business models. With broad sectoral representation, BCSD Portugal has more than 130 companies that directly employ more than 270,000 people. The turnover of BCSD Portugal’s non-financial members represents more than 38 per cent of national GDP, which translates into more than 65 billion euros in turnover and a GVA of between 6 and 8 per cent of GDP.


19th June 2023