“Through self-consumption systems, SMEs can drastically reduce their energy costs” – José Campos e Sousa


  For a greener, more decarbonized world, Átomo Capital Partners develops projects for major investors or renewable energy producers in Portugal. In the case of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), despite the initial investment, “by generating their own energy through self-consumption systems, SMEs can drastically reduce their energy costs, thus reducing their dependence on the […]

Zero-cost electricity?

eletricidade a custo zero

In the past few weeks, there has been a lot of news about electricity prices and how the wholesale market works. The truth is that April has been marked by a succession of unprecedented events in the electricity market: average wholesale prices are at multi-year lows, we’re seeing negative prices for the first time, we’re […]

Átomo Capital Partners has moved to a new office with a superb view


Átomo Capital Partners has moved its offices in Lisbon to the ARCIS Building on Rua Ivone Silva, close to the well-known Entrecampos train station. This new workplace fulfils a desire to significantly improve the quality of the workspace provided to its employees. According to Miguel Subtil, Managing Director of Átomo Capital Partners, “This move was […]

The energy transition has costs, but it is associated with huge opportunities

“A transição energética tem custos, mas está associada a enormes oportunidades”

Átomo Capital Partners has become a significant player in the renewable energy and sustainability sector. Born with the ambition to contribute to the decarbonization of the economy, it is now a company made up of a multidisciplinary team that assists throughout the development process up to the ‘ready to build’ stage. In an interview with […]

Torres de Lisboa with BREEAM certification

torres de lisboa

This office complex managed by South now has the “BREEAM International In-Use: Commercial Version 6” label. Towers G and E of the Torres de Lisboa business centre, managed by South, recently received the “BREEAM International In-Use: Commercial Version 6” certification, awarded by the Building Research Establishment (BRE). BREEAM In-Use certifies the level of performance of […]

Companies with a purpose: Are we missing something?

empresas com propósito

Initially, the focus was only on socially responsible investment, which aimed to avoid “objectionable” practices that exploited human or natural resources in an unacceptable way in order to make a profit. This exclusionary approach has, in fact, become one of the most widely used strategies over the years, bringing various benefits to investors and creditors. […]

Reducing electricity tariffs based on renewable energy

Energias renováveis

Population growth, industrialisation and urbanisation have continuously contributed to a significant increase in the demand for energy on a global scale. One of the consequences of this increase is the pressure exerted on traditional fossil resources such as coal, natural gas and oil which, in addition to being finite, also have very high extraction costs, […]

Leading Portugal’s Transition To Renewable Energy

Leading Portugals Transition To Renewable Energy 1

With a mission based on the decarbonization of the economy through reliable and competitive clean energy measures, Átomo is a catalyst for shifting the direction of energy consumption. Átomo Capital Partners is one of Portugal’s leading forces in renewable energy solutions. As a newly founded company, Átomo was born of its sister company, The K […]